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2NY provides marketing consulting and salesforce services for international PPE providers, connecting both ends of the deal without interferences, language barriers or logistic interruptions. During the COVID19 pandemic, 2NY provided marketing services for more than U$D 500 million in sales.

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With a network of crude oil derivatives suppliers, 2NY can help your business with all your fuel needs. Diesel (D1-D2), Jet Fuel and more.

With direct relationship with mining companies in South America, we can supply Lithium  (Raw, LCE) to international buyers for the manufacturing of batteries, with focus in Electric Vehicles.


Industries around the world rely on the proper industrial equipment to achieve their goals. With years of expertise in this market, 2NY have the knowledge to locate new and used industrial equipment available in different parts of the world to optimize your search time

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Whatever your project or business needs, we can create a custom solution for your needs, in industries like textile, rare metals, fuels, agricultural and more. Book a call with one of our representatives to know more about the 2NY edge and how your business can benefit from it.

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